I'm Norman Davie

Software Developer and Cybersecurity Expert

  • E-mail ndavie64@gmail.com
  • Current Employer Contractor for Andritz Automation: since Jan 2017

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Hello! I’m Norman Davie.  I’ve been employed in Education, Industrial and the Entertainment Industries.  A programmer, IT specialist, and cybersecurity expert. The skills I have are the skills you need.

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Nearly 30% increase on cyber threats on Indian Plants https://t.co/D7mLCfhndx

Blue Keep: the gift that keeps on giving https://t.co/52Bh9Pq62Y

Monsanto ordered to pay $289 million in world's first Roundup cancer trial https://t.co/CbgRZq6KG6

Confirm you system has been patch for Meltdown and Spectre, and find out if the patches will slow down your system… https://t.co/2mxCSmruJL

Fallen in love with MiSTer! (and it was so easy to set up) https://t.co/upKpAJxKEt

Professional Skills

Project Management
Quality Assurance / Control
Software & Solutions Development
Problem Resolution & Troubleshooting
Commercial, Industrial and custom software development
Industrial Certifications

Work Experience

2019 - Present


Moved to PEI and became an external consultant for Andritz.

2017 - 2019

Operational Technology Systems Specialist

Cyber-security specialist and Lead Software Developer

2005 - 2017


President, Senior Developer and IT Specialist

1999 - 2004

Software Engineer

Created installation packages for the
majority of products, wrote communications library for the
PlayStation/2 game console,
Managed and coordinated quality assurance teams
to facilitate the timely dissemination of
technology updates to 1,500+ Developers across the world.


Project Systems Analyst

Created product from concept to commercial release in 1 year an automated vision system for process control.

1990 - 1998

Software Developer

Lead programmer for the development of automa
tic process control systems



Computer Programmer

Automated *all* commercial products.


School District 43

Computer Programmer

Custom developed various applications for the learning disabled.


  • We like the approach Norman uses when it comes to managing and maintaining network systems, which is a
    preventative approach.

    He has been providing all our IT services and equipment
    since November of 2009. It is rare to find any supplier that
    provides better service or consulting than Norman.

    Brian Neilsen President
  • Norman is
    amazing! Technologies long forgotten are still supported
    by him!

  • Professional, timely and knowledgeable

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